Step Into Music

The purpose of our Step Into Music program is to create a musical environment, and optimum musical experience at a time when your child is most developmentally ready. In class we provide a rich assortment of musical activities, planting “musical seeds”. At home parents can encourage musical play by:

  • ♪ enthusiastic repetition of class activities and use of home materials
  • ♪ making singing, sound exploration and spontaneous music- making a part of everyday life
  • ♪ providing opportunities for “live” music enjoyment (concerts, parades, music in the park, etc.)

The parent’s role in class:

  • Formal music training is not as important as a positive joyful attitude! Remember—your child will mimic you!
  • Be enthusiastic, but do not force your child to play or sing if he doesn’t want to at the moment. Encourage without manipulating your child’s response. Your child will see the fun we are having and join us when ready.
  • Participate in all activities to provide a model for your child, even if he is not participating much yet.
  • Recognize that each child gains a great deal from the musical environment, each in their own way.

Parents may observe many different behaviors in class. Your child may eagerly participate or passively observe. If your child wanders away from the group, please go to him and encourage him to return. If he won’t—go back to participating yourself, your child will join you. If your child prefers to sit and observe, please allow him to do so. As long as your child is not: breaking/harming anything in the room, or hurting themselves/ someone else, and I can continue the flow of the lesson we will let your child discover music in his own way.

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